Rehabilitation Services

    Acute and Swingbed Rehabilitation-318-719-3871

    At Trinity Medical, our specially trained therapists are available to provide on-site skilled physical, occupational, and speech rehab services, tailored to your individual needs. Our therapists will help you regain the skills and independence necessary for your safe transition to home or the next level of care. To ensure your needs are met, our therapists will monitor your progress and conduct regular assessments. 

    Outpatient Rehabilitation- 318-757-6543

    Our therapists at Trinity Medical provide expert treatment for patients of all ages. Available services include:

    • Physical Therapy: Helps restore and maintain maximum movement and functional ability.

    • Occupational Therapy: Focuses on improving and maintaining quality of life. Providing post operative care for  injuries of the neck, shoulder, hand, elbow and wrist.

    • Speech-Language Pathology: Helps with all aspects of communication, including reading, writing, and language interpretation. Speech therapists can also assist with chewing and swallowing problems.

    • Available Modalities: Hibamat for deep tissue massage, E-Stim, Ultrasound and more.