Infusion Services

    If your doctor decides that outpatient infusion therapy is the best choice to treat your illness or infection, Trinity Medical is your best option. We routinely infuse antibiotics, fluids and medications for rheumatoid arthritis, calcium deficiency, and more.
    For additional information call 318-758-6552 or 318-757-6551 ext. 229

    Monoclonal Antibody Infusions:
    This service will be provided Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday each week from 12:00 PM until 4:00 PM by appointment only.  Call 318-719-3940 to schedule an appointment.
     Patients must enter through the Main Entrance and immediately go to the Surgery Waiting Room to the right of the Reception Desk.  They will need a positive COVID 19 test and an order for the infusion. Patients will be required to wear a mask throughout their visit.